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Welcome to my Link Building service. That’s the Best Value for your money link-building service.

It will be the best fit if you’re in one of the following niches:

  • B2B SaaS Businesses
  • Marketing 
  • Tech

How do I evaluate websites for Link Building?

Here is the process I follow to make sure I deliver the best value for your money backlinks:

  • Check the target website backlinks (example with a few faked DR sites)
  • Minimum traffic: More than 1000 organic visits by Ahrefs (Business traffic is high CPC and highly targeted, we can’t expect hundreds of thousands of traffic)
  • Relevant keywords that the site ranks for
  • Traffic GEO (Main source: US, UK, AU/ No India/PK/)
  • Relevancy
  • Link Difficulty (no sell – you can’t buy a link on that website)
  • Not on marketplaces
  • Links from real business
  • Your Target page
  • Target Anchor
  • Dofollow only (if nofollow you don’t pay, it’s a bonus)
  • Page relevance
  • Paragraph relevance
  • Link from pages that are well internally linked (not orphaned pages)
  • No links from link farms; magazine websites; sites about everything;
Link guarantee: if your link gets removed; nofollowed; the page gets deleted; deindexed - you will get another link with a similar value for free.

What do you get?

Links from real business

Usually, we don’t go after links from magazine websites and content websites. They publish too much irrelevant content, and many of them monetize by selling links, and that devalues the value of the links from them. A link from a real business such as an agency or SaaS site would give so much value! Content websites sometimes work if they are super relevant and high-quality.

Sites that don’t sell links

I target websites that are not selling links. You can’t find them on Fiverr, Loganix, NOBS, The HOTH, or other marketplaces. This means that there is zero risk of obtaining such links. You never know when those sites that sell links will targeted by Google, and after that, the trace will lead to you. There is always a risk for my worst Link Building nightmare – to be in a bad neighborhood! Imagine if you buy links from a website and this website sells links to websites about shady topics! That’s not nice! Nevertheless, the value of a website that is not easy to link to others is much much greater!

Real DR (Domain Rating)

When doing Link Building – Domain Rating (DR) by Ahrefs is still pretty accurate for gauging the authority of any domain.

But still, we have to do your manual check.

Put the domain we want a link from in Ahrefs and check their backlinks. Do we see anything suspicious?

🚩Any 301 Redirects from Google Images?
🚩Any Links from crappy PBNs?
🚩Any Links from Web 2.0 properties?

There are many ways to manipulate DR and you should know never trust it blindly. We take responsibility for doing a quality check.

Relevant keywords that the site ranks for

I have seen websites that look like they’re in a Tech or B2B niche, and that’s the impression that you have when you open their home page. The website gets a solid chunk of organic traffic and looks like the perfect target. But when you check the keywords that the website ranks for, you can see keywords and topics that are not very relevant. That’s why I check the keywords of each website to make sure that they rank as relevant to their niche keywords.

Minimum Traffic

Google likes sites that get organic traffic. It makes sense, right? If Google sends this website traffic, obviously they value the website highly, and thus you a great backlink from a highly valued website. If the website that links to you has zero or very little traffic, then the link has little value to you, even if it may have the opposite effect – a spam signal. 

That’s why we have a threshold of at least 1,000 organic traffic. 

Bear in mind that the websites we’re targeting are really businesses and their audience is targeted and limited. It’s normal and totally fine for such websites to receive 1-3k organic traffic a month. 

Those sites receive high CPC traffic that’s only relevant to their business, we can’t compare it with a magazine site that writets about everything, monetize with display ads and receive hundreds of thousands of traffic. 

Traffic Geo

I like to get links from websites that have the United States as their primary traffic geo-location. Unless you ask me something else, I’ll stick to my rule.

My theory is not scientifically proven, but I believe in it, and I stick to it in my practice.

Page Relevance

You’ll get a link from a page that is relevant to your target page. Of course, absolute relevance is not possible because it means to make your direct business competitors link to you. Our goal is to find pages that are as relevant as possible to your target page and get links from them. All links matter, every link from a high-quality website counts. I am not saying that links with zero or less relevancy are not worthy. But with my service, I want to give you the best value for your money.  That’s why we’re chasing Maximum Page Relevancy!

Paragraph Relevance

After we find a relevant page for your link, the next step is to find the most relevant paragraph. Preferably we want a paragraph that will have your targeted anchor text and also other related sub keywords around your anchor text. This is how Google will evaluate the relevancy of your link. If it’s needed we can add an additional paragraph for Maximum Paragraph Relevancy!

Target Anchor

As you already know I want you to get maximum value for your money. That’s why I aim to give you links from your target anchors. We want links that move the needle. What more clear signal for Google than to have your keyword within the anchor text? Of course, target anchor texts are not always possible, but I aim to use them in most of the cases.

The first part of the page

All links matter, every link counts. But if your link is on the first paragraphs of the page, that’s better than to be at the bottom. Of course, that’s not always possible. Just to let you know we aim to place your link as high as possible on the page.

*Important Note: If your website is new/small, it’s not natural to have all your links in the first paragraphs.

Link from pages that are well internally linked (not orphaned pages)

Imagine you get a link from a great website like Guardian. DR 90+. What’s the value of it? Well, it depends. Does that page have any internal links from other pages pointing to it? I make sure that the page you get links from will have at least 2 internal links pointing to it for maximum impact!

Dofollow only (if nofollow you don’t pay, it’s a bonus)

Again, I want you to get the maximum value for your money. That’s why I will charge you only for do-follow links. Nofollow links bring value, I am 100% sure of that. I love nofollow links as well. But do follow the links to bring the maximum value. I don’t have full control over what editors of websites do when adding your link, sometimes it might be a nofollowed backlink to your website. In those cases – you don’t pay for it. It’s a free bonus for you.

Your Target page

The best and most natural links naturally come to informative highly valuable blog posts. We can identify your most important posts and build links to them. Also, we can build links to service pages, but in that case, many of the link opportunities will be missed because most sites don’t like to link to service/money pages.

Why This is better than HARO?

I have tried a couple of HARO services and I know that most of their backlinks come from a small number of websites. There are low-hanging fruits on HARO (I don’t want to mention them) but yeah, you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars per link from the lowest-value websites that easily link to almost everyone who contributes to their questions.

If you get links from sites like Forbes; BBC, Guardian, Tech Crunch – that’s totally worth every dollar, but in most cases that’s not the case.


  • Don’t ask me for samples. I sign NDAs with all my clients. I’ll sign with you as well. If you want to try my service you can set a minimum order of 1 link and see for yourself
  • Discounts are usually not available. Sometimes (depending on your project) and only if you order at least 10 links a month. But there is not much room for discounts. Please, understand that every link I built is a part of the process that takes lots of time and effort. This means that I can’t go too low with the price.
  • Don’t ask to preapprove the websites. Sometimes the link opportunities are available for a very short time, and I have to act quickly. Also, I don’t want to spend additional time to have back and forth conversations.

What people say

Here is what industry leaders say about me.

Georgi is an SEO savant. I've been doing SEO since 2009 and it's clear to me who knows what they're doing. Georgi is one of the best. The yardstick for the truly elite is someone who can create a site from nothing, rank it, and monetize it - that's Georgi. If I had an SEO problem and my life depended on getting it right, he'd be on my squad to solve it.
George is a reputable veteran in the content and link-building space. He's my go-to resource when we scale up domain authority campaigns and need to ramp up hard.
Georgi has impressive strategic SEO skills, proven with the growth of his resource website which he built up to generate over 100K organic site visits through a robust SEO strategy. Georgi then went on to sell that site on Flippa for $102K showing the value of a well executed SEO strategy.
George is among a few people in the market who really know (instead of just talking about it!) how to build successful sites that generate tons of traffic!
At Semrush we launched numerous projects and experiments together with Georgi, working very closely in one team. I can recommend Georgi as a skillful SEO Manager / Link Builder.

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