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Hi, my name is Georgi Todorov. I will teach you how to create and grow your online business in 2024.

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Georgi is an SEO savant. I've been doing SEO since 2009 and it's clear to me who knows what they're doing. Georgi is one of the best. The yardstick for the truly elite is someone who can create a site from nothing, rank it, and monetize it - that's Georgi. If I had an SEO problem and my life depended on getting it right, he'd be on my squad to solve it.
George is a reputable veteran in the content and link-building space. He's my go-to resource when we scale up domain authority campaigns and need to ramp up hard.
Georgi has impressive strategic SEO skills, proven with the growth of his resource website which he built up to generate over 100K organic site visits through a robust SEO strategy. Georgi then went on to sell that site on Flippa for $102K showing the value of a well executed SEO strategy.
George is among a few people in the market who really know (instead of just talking about it!) how to build successful sites that generate tons of traffic!
At Semrush we launched numerous projects and experiments together with Georgi, working very closely in one team. I can recommend Georgi as a skillful SEO Manager / Link Builder.

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The Actionable Link Building Training

Best for Beginners or Junior SEOs

Help your junior employees build white hat backlinks in the same way as an experienced professional.
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The Advanced Link Building Training

Go higher in your link building game

Learn how to build links from sites with real business behind them at a high scale – 50-100 links per month.
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Blogging as a Brand in 2024

I am working on a course that will teach you how to build, grow and sell your blog. I made it pre AI, now it's even easier. Get notified when the course is ready.
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I offer Premium Service to a limited number of clients.

  • Link Building

    I offer the best value-for-the-money links in the market for the following niches: B2B, Tech, and Marketing.

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    Pick my brain - ask me anything. I offer 1:1 Consultation where we talk about your business, and I share everything I learned from my experience.

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