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Georgi Todorov is a self-taught entrepreneur and content creator with authorship in a broad range of publications. Author in outlets such as Entrepreneur and Forbes. He founded 'Create & Grow' to help people create and grow their online business.

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'Create & Grow' offers a unique and authentic learning experience for those aspiring to delve into the world of online business. Here, you'll gain access to firsthand tactics and proven strategies essential for kickstarting and nurturing your entrepreneurial journey. Our approach is deeply rooted in practicality and real-world application, ensuring you receive knowledge that is both actionable and effective.

    At the heart of 'Create & Grow' lies a commitment to honesty and integrity. I, Georgi Todorov, pledge to maintain 100% transparency in all our communications. You can trust that the guidance provided is genuine and free from any hidden agendas. My promise to you is straightforward: no deception, no misleading information for affiliate gain. Your trust and success are my top priorities, and every piece of advice is offered with your best interests at heart. At 'Create & Grow', we offer both Paid Courses and lots of free information to help you start and grow your online business. Our Paid Courses give you step-by-step guidance on various topics in online business. They're great if you want a detailed learning experience.

    We also have plenty of free stuff. You can listen to our Podcast for tips and interviews with business experts. Check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos about digital marketing and growing your business. Plus, our Blog is full of easy-to-read articles and guides with the latest advice on online business.

    Whether you choose our Paid Courses for a full learning experience or explore our free resources, 'Create & Grow' has everything you need to succeed with your online business.


    The Actionable Link Building Training

    Best for Beginners or Junior SEOs

    Help your junior employees build white hat backlinks in the same way as an experienced professional.
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    The Advanced Link Building Training

    Go higher in your link building game

    Learn how to build links from sites with real business behind them at a high scale – 50-100 links per month.
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    Blogging as a Business

    I am working on a course that will teach you how to build, grow and sell your blog. I made it pre AI, now it's even easier. Get notified when the course is ready.
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DIY or hire me

If your business is already up and running and you’re looking for expert advice, take a look at my consulting service. I’m here to help you with personalized guidance and strategies to grow your business further.

And if you’re looking to boost your website’s presence, you can also hire me to create some of the best backlinks out there. These backlinks will help improve your site’s visibility and ranking on search engines.

No matter where you’re on your journey, I can be helpful to you.

  • In 2016, I started my journey in the freelance world, offering SEO services. This was the foundation of my career, where I honed my skills in search engine optimization, helping various clients improve their online visibility and reach.

    As I delved deeper into SEO, I discovered a passion for content creation and link building. This aspect of my work wasn't just professionally fulfilling; it also gave me the freedom to travel and continually grow my skills and experience. I enjoyed the dynamic and challenging nature of this work, which kept me engaged and constantly learning.

    My growing expertise in SEO and digital marketing caught the attention of Semrush, a leading company in the industry. Being recruited by Semrush was a significant milestone in my career, allowing me to work with a team of top professionals and further expand my knowledge and skills.

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