Georgi Todorov is a self-taught entrepreneur and content creator with authorship in a broad range of publications. Author in outlets such as Entrepreneur and Forbes. He founded 'Create & Grow' to help people create and grow their online business.

Georgi Todorov is a distinguished SEO specialist with a wealth of experience in elevating online visibility for a diverse range of businesses, from burgeoning startups to large-scale corporations. His expertise in the field is not just theoretical but is backed by a proven track record of tangible results. Georgi has demonstrated his exceptional skills by scaling websites from ground zero to impressive heights, notably attracting hundreds of thousands of organic visits and generating substantial revenues for these businesses.

One standout achievement in his illustrious career is his success with the blog '' Georgi’s strategic approach and deep understanding of SEO principles enabled him to grow this website from its inception to an astounding 300,000 organic visits. This remarkable success not only underscored his proficiency in driving traffic but also in creating substantial value, as evidenced when he sold the website for a six-figure sum on Flippa.

Georgi Todorov is a speaker in the world of online business. His expertise and insights have made him a sought-after presence at various conferences, where he shares his knowledge and experiences with a wider audience, inspiring and educating those in the digital marketing field.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Georgi has also made significant contributions to academic circles. He serves as a lecturer at a university, where he imparts his wealth of knowledge to students eager to dive into the realms of digital marketing and SEO. His passion for teaching is further evidenced by his role as a course creator. Georgi has developed several comprehensive courses focused on blogging and SEO, designed to equip learners with the skills and understanding necessary to succeed in these dynamic areas.

Beyond his educational endeavors, Georgi is also renowned for his role in fostering community within the digital marketing sphere. He organizes and hosts events specifically tailored for digital marketers, creating platforms for networking, collaboration, and shared learning. These events have become pivotal gatherings for professionals seeking to stay abreast of industry trends and connect with like-minded peers.


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