Key B2G Marketing Statistics and Facts

  1. 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine, indicating that numerous government officials are likely to initiate their research on platforms such as Google. (Source: WebFX)
  2. In fiscal year 2023, the United States government allocated an astounding $169 million tied to AI-related initiatives signifying substantial transformation in the B2G sector. (Source: The White House)
  3. By 2024, the market for CRM software is estimated to reach a revenue of US$88.19 billion. (Source: Statista)
  4. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, events increasingly require purpose and value, with attendees actively seeking networking opportunities, expert interactions, and hands-on experiences. (Source: GovExec)

B2G Marketing Strategies Statistics

  1. The most significant value drivers for 65% of B2G marketers’ businesses are case studies and success stories. (Source: Brafton)
  2. Optimizing your previous content ensures your offerings remain relevant and up-to-date, potentially boosting page clicks by over 40%. (Source: Brafton)
  3. For 81% of consumers, trust in a brand is a prerequisite for making a purchase decision. (Source: Exploding Topics)
The most significant value drivers for 65% of B2G marketers' businesses are case studies and success stories. Click to post on

B2G Marketing Challenges and Trends

  1. In contrast to B2B and B2C marketing, where you initiate communication, B2G begins with the government taking the initiative to reach out first. (Source: Jack&Bean)
  2. In B2G marketing, ensuring your website loads quickly is paramount, as Google prioritizes fast-loading sites due to user preferences. (Source: WebFX)
  3. 91% of businesses are either already utilizing or planning to adopt AR or VR technology. (Source: Grid Raster)