General Facebook Marketplace Statistics and Facts

  1. Around 800 million people worldwide use Facebook Marketplace monthly. (Source: WifiTalents)
  2. Up to 40% of the platform’s 3.07 billion monthly active users engage in shopping activities. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  3. Facebook Marketplace boasts a user base of 250 million sellers worldwide. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  4. Facebook aims to extend Marketplace’s reach by launching it in more than 100 countries. (Source: WifiTalents)
  5. Merely 23.3% of Facebook users have encountered a video within Facebook Marketplace. (Source: WifiTalents)
  6. Businesses observe an impressive 82.9% conversion rate from Facebook Marketplace. (Source: MageComp)
  7. In May 2020, Facebook unveiled a partnership with Shopify, allowing Shopify merchants seamless integration of their products with Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops. (Source: Scoop)

Facebook Marketplace Market Size and Revenue Statistics

  1. Facebook Marketplace will achieve $30 billion in annual revenue by 2024. (Source: Scoop)
  2. With Facebook’s extensive user base and network effect, Facebook Marketplace has the potential to reach over 1 billion users worldwide. (Source: Scoop)
  3. The revenue of the Global eCommerce Platforms Market was estimated at USD 6.8 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 21.0 billion by 2032, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7% from 2023 to 2032. (Source: Scoop)
  4. Facebook Marketplace as the US’s second most popular online marketplace, with 34.4% of internet users shopping there. (Source: Scoop)
  5. Facebook Marketplace garnered over one billion monthly global users in the first quarter of 2021. (Source: Statista)
  6. From January to March 2021, Facebook Shops recorded an average of one million monthly global users and approximately 250 million active stores worldwide. (Source: Statista)
  7. Facebook Marketplace trails the leading US online marketplace, eBay, by 24.1% in popularity among sellers. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  8. 10% of Amazon sellers also participate in selling on Facebook Marketplace. (Source: WebFX)
  9. In Q1 2022, Meta’s advertising revenue from the US and Canada amounted to $12.04 billion, with Europe contributing $6.36 billion, and the Asia-Pacific region contributing $5.66 billion. (Source: Web Tribunal)

Facebook Marketplace by Country Statistics

Facebook Marketplace in UK Statistics

  1. 18% of Facebook users in the UK use Facebook Marketplace. (Source: WifiTalents)
  2. The typical sale value on Facebook Marketplace in the UK averages £100. (Source: SHOPLINE)
  3. Facebook Marketplace in the UK boasts a daily listing of more than 1 million items. (Source: SHOPLINE)
  4. Clothing, furniture, and electronics rank as the top-selling categories on Facebook Marketplace in the UK due to their widespread popularity. (Source: SHOPLINE)
  5. Approximately 70% of Facebook Marketplace sellers in the UK are individuals, with the remaining 30% comprising businesses, highlighting a diverse seller demographic. (Source: SHOPLINE)

Facebook Marketplace in US Statistics

  1. Latin America led in Q1 2023 with the highest proportion of social media users using Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shopping Bag. (Source: Statista)
  2. Facebook Marketplace secured the third position among US consumers’ preferred websites for secondhand shopping in 2021. (Source: Gitnux)
  3. In the United States, over 33% of Facebook users access the marketplace annually. (Source: WifiTalents)
  4. In the United States, over one-third of small and medium-sized businesses on Facebook use Facebook Marketplace to sell their products. (Source: Scoop

Facebook Marketplace in Europe Statistics

  1. Facebook Marketplace has been accessed by 33% of internet users in Italy. (Source: Gitnux)
  2. 18% of Facebook users in Europe engage with Facebook Marketplace. (Source: WifiTalents)
  3. 15% of survey respondents aged 16 to 29 in Germany reported using Facebook Marketplace. (Source: EarthWeb)

Facebook Marketplace Shopping Statistics and Facts

  1. 16% of Facebook users engage in regular shopping or purchasing activities on Facebook Marketplace. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  2. Of recent Facebook shoppers, 77.7% made purchases from Marketplace, while 14.2% and 8.15% used Shops and Messenger, respectively. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  3. 51.2% of social media consumers made their latest purchase from Facebook Marketplace. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  4. Facebook Marketplace is available in 227 countries and territories globally. (Source: Capital One Shopping)

Facebook Marketplace User Statistics

  1. 70% of Facebook Marketplace users engage with the platform through mobile devices. (Source: Gitnux)
  2. On average, Facebook users spend approximately 19.5 hours per month actively engaged on the platform. (Source: Scoop)
  3. Approximately 491 million active users, constituting 16% of the total, log into Facebook exclusively for shopping on Facebook Marketplace. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  4. Users typically spend approximately 14 minutes per session browsing Facebook Marketplace. (Source: WifiTalents)
  5. More than 60% of Facebook Marketplace users identify as female. (Source: WifiTalents)
  6. Research indicates that individuals between the ages of 25 and 35 comprise the primary age demographic of Facebook Marketplace users. (Source: Tech Report)

Facebook Marketplace Sales Statistics

  1. Household items consistently rank within the top 5 categories on Facebook Marketplace. (Source: Web Tribunal)
  2. Facebook Marketplace is exploring expansion into service offerings, including home services, beauty, and event planning, aiming to diversify revenue streams and enhance user engagement. (Source: Scoop)
  3. Used car sales constitute the largest portion of sales on Facebook Marketplace. (Source: WifiTalents)
  4. Shipping items from Facebook Marketplace requires a 5% payment of your selling fee. (Source: Tech Report)

Facebook Marketplace Advertising Statistics

  1. In 2023, Meta platform’s advertising revenue reached a substantial $134.9 billion. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  2. US businesses collectively invested $4.27 billion in Facebook advertising. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  3. Walmart stands out among retailers for its highest all-time advertising expenditure on Facebook, totaling $6.27 million. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  4. Joe Biden’s presidential campaign holds the record for the most costly Facebook ad campaign in history, surpassing $67.3 million. (Source: Capital One Shopping)
  5. A single Facebook Marketplace advertisement has the potential to reach a staggering 562 million people. (Source: Web Tribunal)
A single Facebook Marketplace advertisement has the potential to reach a staggering 562 million people. Click to post on

Facebook Marketplace Trends

  1. Integration with Messenger and WhatsApp enhances communication and transactions, boosting user experience and driving Marketplace growth. (Source: Scoop)
  2. Facebook Marketplace’s growth hinges on mobile commerce (m-commerce), with an estimated 72.9% of global digital buyers favoring mobile devices. (Source: Scoop)
  3. Facebook Marketplace has the potential to reach over 1 billion users globally, capitalizing on Facebook’s extensive user base and network effect. (Source: Scoop)

Frequently Asked Questions

Around 800 million people worldwide use Facebook Marketplace on a monthly basis.

(Source: WifiTalents)

India, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil lead with the highest number of Facebook Marketplace users, each exceeding 100 million.

(Source: Tech Report)

Clothing, furniture, and electronics rank among the most popular items sold on Facebook Marketplace in the UK.

(Source: SHOPLINE)